Monday, August 1, 2011

Thinking about Norway

As the month of Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins, I continue to think about the violence in Norway and how it exposes the continued friction between Western Christianity and Islam. We not only mourn with those who have lost so much, but we also find ways to think, once again, about love, tolerance, suffering, retribution, forgiveness, justice, and peace. None of these are easy topics to understand.

I found a couple of Web articles from UCC ministers that offer particular perspectives. You may find them useful, as I did.

Blogs, Faith and Norway: Terror and Responsibility by Church Currie.

With Sighs Too Deep for Words by Gunnar A. Cerda

With every new tragedy or act of violence, the call goes out to learn from these events and prevent their re-occurrences. I'm curious what you think. What have you learned as you reflect on violence and suffering? What have we, as a church, done to promote the law of love? Can we, as a congregation, do more to promote healthy relationships with other people and other faiths? Let me know what you think. Post a comment and share your thoughts.

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