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Sermon for August Sunday 24, 2008

All or Nothing
Matthew 16:13-28

History records that he was a great man. Yet he had humble beginnings. He grew up in a small village, an ordinary boy who did not do much to draw attention to himself. He worked in the family business and did his best to grow up strong and healthy. Deep inside, however, he knew he had a special purpose – a destiny to fulfill. As he grew older, people began to notice that there was something special about this young man. He had talent and charisma. He was gifted like no other. It wasn’t long before he started attracting crowds. Thousands came to see and listen to him. He chose a small band of loyal companions who traveled with him everywhere he went. Many of them had given up their jobs just to be with their leader and take care of his needs. As his fame spread, some grew jealous of him. But his popularity only increased. He touched the lives of young and old alike, and brought joy and laughter to the downhearted. Many hailed him as a king. Toward the end …