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Sermon for March 27, 2016 | Easter Sunday

Finally getting around to posting my sermon from Easter ...
What Are You Clinging To?
John 20:1-18

“Stop clinging to me.” It sounds like something my kids say to each other all the time. “Stop touching me!” one kid cries. “I’m not touching you,” the other kid says, inching a finger as close as possible to the first kid without actually making skin contact.

 “Stop clinging to me.” I’ve been known to say it to me kids when they are hanging on me like a fabric softener dryer sheet and I need a little space.

Jesus said it too. “Stop clinging to me. I haven’t yet ascended to heaven.” At first it sounds like a scene from He’s Just Not That Into You. To most of us, clingy means suffocation. Neediness has a familiar face: the close friend who asking for reassurance and advice 15 times a day. The spouse who is afraid of rejection and won’t make a decision for fear of disapproval. The buddy who will never decide what you should do for fear of hurting your feelings. The child who was told, “You’re fr…