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Sermon for June 18, 2006

How Far Will You Go?
2 Corinthians 4; 1 Samuel 17When I think about our graduates, I think about the lessons they teach us about facing unknown challenges and moving on to the next stage of the journey. Aren’t we all journeying, discovering our potential, and learning how to face the monumental daily challenges of life? Aren’t we all still learning about God’s faithfulness to us in the midst of undefeatable circumstances? As we listen for the Word of God, let us pray.Have you met Goliath? Goliath is that great big giant of an obstacle that seems unbeatable, and impossible to defeat. Goliath is that one huge problem that you think just might be your undoing -- a difficulty so great that it has you are close to running away.Have you met Goliath? Perhaps you have met him in the past. Or maybe Goliath is troubling you even now. Sooner or later all of us have to face a giant. Maybe you are facing one today. Maybe it is a giant tumor in your body that threatens your life, or a giant woun…

Sermon for Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Making of Church: ConversionActs 16:16-34 Jimmy and Dave found a sinkhole that seemed to appear out of nowhere. They found the hole on the path they traveled to go to Mr. Earl’s pond where they would fish for perch. Their first instinct was to look in the hole and see just how deep it really was. It was too deep and dark for them to see anything, but if they yelled loudlyhey would hear an echo. However, after hollering in a hole for a few minutes, the fun level soon dropped dramatically and the two boys now turned their attention to checking the depth of the hole by dropping things into the darkness. It was a very scientific process. They would drop a rock into the hole and count the seconds until they heard the rock hit the bottom. There was only one problem. The hole was so deep they could not hear the rock hit the bottom. Their fun now turned into work as they dropped huge boulders, tree stumps, and whatever they could find into the sinkhole. They were now desperate to find a bo…