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Sermon for Sunday March 4, Lent II

Words That Hurt, Words That Heal
James 3:1-12; 4:11-12
March 4, 2007

Near the turn of the last century, in a small village in Croatia, an alter boy named Joseph Broz served the priest at Sunday mass. The boy accidentally dropped the glass cruet holding the communion wine, shattering it into pieces. For those of you who come from a Roman Catholic background, you may understand the severity of the mistake. The priest flew into a rage, slapped the altar boy across the face and said, “Leave the altar and don’t come back.” The boy never returned to the church. He grew up to become known as Tito, the harsh communist ruler of post WWII Yugoslavia. At about the same time, an altar boy named Peter John also dropped a wine cruet in Peoria, IL. The boy later recalled, “There is no atomic explosion that can equal in intensity of decibels the noise and explosive force of a wine cruet falling on a marble floor of a cathedral in the presence of a Bishop. I was frightened to death.” The priest, however,…